mr barry’s war

rebuilding the houses of parliament after the great fire of 1834

Mr Barrys War book cover

‘An achievement as intricate and splendid as Mr Barry’s own. Superb’ – Lucy Worsley

‘This beautifully crafted book walks us through a tumultuous fragment of our history, deftly illuminating every extraordinary step — the rivalries, the soaring ambitions, the barely-hid betrayals, the spectacular personal suffering. As the new Palace of Westminster rose from the ruins of the old it was at times dwarfed by the personal battles that lay behind its creation. This is politics laid on with a mason’s trowel’ – Lord Dobbs, aka Michael Dobbs, author of House of Cards

‘It [the rebuilding] was a nightmare and one that Caroline Shenton brilliantly retells in Mr Barry’s War…If her first book was like a grotesque Gothic novel, this is an epic, with a hero at its heart’ – William Whyte, Literary Review

‘Vividly written…an authoritative and lively account of the political and artistic machinations involved in the creation of one of the capital’s most familiar landmarks’, Sunday Times

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